Cultural Competence In Nursing Practice

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Significantly, “Cultural competence and respect for others becomes especially important for us in the nursing practice because we are patient advocates. We all begin the process of learning the behaviors and beliefs of our culture at birth. We become assimilated into that culture and the way that we express is often without conscious thought. Our culture can have a definite and profound effect on how we interact with others, and also how we relate to the healthcare system.” (Anderson, 2012, How Culture Affects Healthcare section, para. 1,3)

In my practice, I had a palliative client who’s a member of Jehovah’s witnesses by religion. While doing a chart rounds, I noticed about her religion
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I knew as a nurse that as much as I want to do something good for the patient to promote health, I can’t do anything but to respect her decision since she has the legal right to refuse any treatment and make health care decisions. In this situation, even though I want to promote life and health, I also put into consideration the patient’s legal rights which are the right to refuse a treatment and make a choice. (C.#67) (C.…show more content…
We respected it and I let them signed the refusal of treatment form and documented it in the patient’s chart. Despite our diversities and differences in terms of religion and belief, I didn’t judged their decision of refusing a life-saving treatment but rather I considered and respected it as I understand that culture is very important aspect of our lives. (C.#77). (C.#113a – Leadership) (C. #81) I knew that as a nurse I should be a pro-life, that my main function is to promote health, prolong and save life but I also kept in my mind that I should be a patient advocate to their wishes and rights. So to help the patient, the doctor just ordered Erythropoietin to promote formation of red blood cells, so, I administered it as prescribed and I gave my health teachings and encouraged to eat foods that are rich in iron and also Vitamin C which promotes iron absorption. (C.#76) (C.113a – Knowledge Application) (C.
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