Cultural Competence In Physical Therapy

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Based on the blueprint for teaching cultural competence in physical therapy association, updated by American Physical Therapy Association, 2014, some of the core values of a physical therapist are clinical excellence and social responsibility.Physical therapists should practice flexibility and possess the ability to understand every person's behavior, as well as their way of life due to cultural practices. Physical therapists fall under the three cross-cultural stages, such as knowledge, awareness, and sensitivity.
Cultural competence is essential to all health care providers. To provide an excellent quality of care to our patient, we must know a person's culture, just like entering the patient's world. Once a person is in their world, it is very easy to accommodate their way of life. The most important key to delivering a successful medical care to our patient
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If the Muslim made a physical contact to a non- believer, the person must go through ritual purification. After that first encounter with my Muslim patient, I am very culturally sensitive and even performed more research about their customs and tradition, including their religious observance, ceremonial act of washing their body, Muslim women should be handled by a female health provider during medical examination treatment unless it is seriously medically necessary. Learning the Muslim culture assisted my physical therapy assessment and plan of care by designating the patient to a female physical therapy assistant. Since I am culturally competent about the culture of my Muslim patient, I was able to educate the physical therapy assistant about the patient's customs and tradition, adjusted the frequency and duration of treatment, and the appropriate time to treat the patient. Having a knowledge of the patient's culture will build up the patient's trust, improve respect and professional relationship between the patient and
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