Cultural Competency In Health

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Multiethnic health in Australian health care systems manifest the fundamental values of multiculturalism work inside the framework of health care, with certifying that the training of health professional has a strong and specific emphasis on building cultural competence and effectiveness, that is, the ability to work competently and effectively in a culturally diverse workplace and in encounters with people from different cultural backgrounds to ensure the delivery of best level of healthcare.( Australian Government. The people of Australia. Australia’s Multicultural Policy; 2011.) Cultural competence, (National Health and Medical Research Council. Cultural Competency in health: a guide for policy, partnerships and participation. Canberra:…show more content…
Cultural competence is much more than awareness of cultural differences, as it focuses on the capacity of the health system to improve health and wellbeing by integrating the understanding and appreciation of different cultures. To become more culturally competent, a health service or professional or system needs to value diversity, have the capacity for cultural self-assessment, be conscious of the dynamics that ,occur when cultures interact institutionalise cultural knowledge, adapt service delivery so that it reflects an understanding of the diversity between and within Cultures.
Equity of Australian healthcare access is important for all Australians and is difficult to achieve when access issues are not addressed. As well as these issues, some patients from a culturally and linguistically diverse background experience discrimination from the system of health care due to their country of origin, cultural background, and religious beliefs. Healthcare professionals need to recognise this potential and be prepared to advocate for their patients when necessary to ensure adequate care. Social discrimination in health is experienced by many people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, as well as inequality in employment, education, and other areas. Language snags can
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keleher& C MacDougall).According to social ecological point of view high light that health elevation and community improvement in vital role of health determinant is played for decrease social imbalances and prejudice with community commitment and connecting empowerment of individual and communities (H. keleher& C MacDougall). Both comprehensive and selective primary healthcare performance underlying social, economic and political source of poor health and considering health status to helping that treatments and management of disease and prevention by selective primary health care goal. Health literacy, health education, cognitive behavioural said that empowerment reflect broad view of people own health. Australian medical research develops good but in clinical practice slowly outcomes and current health system has much strength but far short of ideal. (S Duckett & S. Willcox). A underpin of health system change will be increased participation and active role by people The 2013 McCann review concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support aspects of primary health care services. The South Australian Government responded to this review by cutting some health promotion services completely and changing the emphasis of primary health care
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