Cultural Conflict In Bless Me, Ultima

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Lead In: Cultural conflict in a family can lead to many events that can affect a child’s life. The child may become confused on what life to live or how to live it, especially when their goal is to ultimately make their parents proud. The child will also have a hard time growing up as he or she tries to figure out what path to choose regarding culture. Cultural conflict though, can make a person become stronger and give them a sense of being their own person II. Introduction Paragraph 2 Overview and Background In the novel Bless Me, Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya, it deals with the protagonist Antonio Marez, having to go through cultural conflict. Both of his parents grew up with a different background, and they each want him to become someone that …show more content…

Body Section 1 Paragraph 1 Parents put rules or standards of their children to follow, confusing children at times when a new option is brought up. Their parents might have a set religion already in the family and in most cases expect them to follow it. When a child comes across another religion that seems to work better for them, they can become confuse on what to follow. Should they either stay with what they already know, or make their own choice and choose something else. What makes this choice equally difficult is having to choose whether to go against their parents wishes or against their own. In the book Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio (the protagonist) is face with the fact that God’s power failed to heal his uncle, yet, Ultimas power’s were able to. He also encounters another god that he is actually able to see with his own two eyes which, ultimately confuses Antonio even more. He states “Why had the power of God failed to cure my uncle? I am a Catholic… I can believe only in the God of the church”(107). Like many other children, Antonio is unclear on what religion to follow, especially since his own religion failed to help him when needed. He now needs to come to fact on what he should follow. What belief is suitable for

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