Cultural Conflict In Wole Soyinka's 'The And Lion The Jewel'

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Soyinka the most distinguished playwright of Africa was honoured with Nobel Prize in 1986 for his accomplishment in the field of literature. Award of Noble Prize to Wole Soyinka induced hundreds of Nigerians to study Nigerian Literature. This paved way to introduce Nigerian literature in all universities across the country. Following Wole Soyinka, Nigerian writers tried their hands in different genres and added glory to Nigerian Literature. The play The and Lion the Jewel set in the village of Ilujinle in West Africa describes the cultural conflict between tradition and modernity. The illiterate of Ilujinle, Sidi, Baroka, his wives and the villagers stands for tradition and the literate, the school teacher , influenced by western ways alone stands for modernity in a conservative village. The play also highlights Yoruba traditions like marriage, bride- price, polygamy and dance. The village Ilujinle is ruled by the bale Baroka. He is a little tyrant, but he is careful to see that he does not invite the attention of the government at Lagos by any breach of law. The people pay homage to him in the traditional way and tolerate even his tendency to marry or have mistress. Lakunle the representative of modernity stands against Baroka and woos the bush girl with a hope of modernising the village beauty. He wishes to introduce some revolutionary changes in the bush village but lacks the practical skills to implement his views, which exposes him in comic light. Lakunle mixes up

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