The Struggle In Ernest Hemingway's The Gangulis

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In an alien land when the children grow older the cultural conflicts too raise and they torment them and it is certain to anybody. The adjustment and the question of survival and establishing their roots on the new soil become very difficult. Gogol dates with his girlfriend who appears strange to Ashima and Ashoka but for Gogol he is already too late to date with girls since many boys and girls of his age have already paired. When Gogol brings in his girlfriend Maxine to their house, he notices signs of disapproval from his parents. At least Ashima is relieved on hearing from Gogol that he has not got thought of his marriage. When children turn sixteen they are no more under the control of their parents and their individuality dominates. Gogol too is totally confused between his ‘Americanised Indian’ and Indianised American identity, though he was born and raised in America.…show more content…
By doing so the Gangulis try to make the Bengali culture familiar to their children and make them realise that their roots are not only ‘here but also there in India’. The text goes like this:
“Still, they do what they can. They make appoint of driving in to Cambridge with the children when the Apu Triology palys at the Orson wells, or when there is Kathakali dance performance or a sitar recital at memorial Hall. (
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