Cultural Criticism Of Popular Culture

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Popular culture incorporates the widespread cultural elements in a society that are propagated through a commonly used language. It integrates in the daily interactions, needs, desires and cultural moments that make up the everyday lives of the society. The expression of Popular culture materializes in day to day practices such as cooking, fashion, newspapers, magazines, television, mass media and the many facets of entertainment such as sports, music, dance and literature. Thus popular culture can be identified as “culture actually made by people for themselves” (Williams 111). It comprises all the cultural activities of the people, or their “distinctive way of life” which is considered as popular within social context, and is popularly accepted within the society in any particular period (Hall 449). Popular Culture also accommodates cultural texts and practices which fail to qualify as the high or elite culture. This residual nature makes it a site of struggle between the marginalized and the dominant groups in society, where forces of incorporation and resistance against them come into action.
Speculative fiction which includes genres of speculation like science fiction, fantasy, horror, futuristic utopia, dystopia, alternative history and cyberpunk is a staple of popular interest and consumption. Speculative narrative, in its broadest sense, creates narrative worlds informed by unbridled imagination and incorporates supernatural, fantastical or futuristic elements. It

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