Margaret Atwood Women's Role In Literature

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tity and marked a significant role in literature. Her works contain the concepts of human issues, portrayal of culture, socio-political and ecological issues. She portrays the bright sense of complexity of culture and human life in Canada. Every single work of Atwood displays the pride and uniqueness of her nation. She unites the concepts of socio-political issues, gender differences, cultural, feminism and reflects them as a Canadian. Reingard Nischik draws attention to this multifarious Atwoodian voice and applauds: “her interest in power structures, gender difference and gender politics, human rights questions, the formation, reconstruction and representation of identity… her often playful subversion of clichés, conventions … as well as…show more content…
The portrayal of Atwood women characters change as the narratives of the nation. Linda Hutcheon states that “the two issues or not, wholly distinct for Atwood”. Atwood breaks the structure of strength and subjugation in gender relationships. The writings of Atwood goes around the concept that female protagonists are dominated and threatened by the patriarchal forces, and she searches for her identity. She relates the weak status of women of Canada and her narrative becomes the narrative of Canada as weak victim. Women are depicted as a colony in male dominated society and Atwood”s portrayal of women in texts becomes the portrayal of Canada as a colony in the context of Americanization of Canada. Atwood novels deal with gender politics and questions the role of gender and patriarchal structures and searches for woman’s identity. Christine Gomez states “At the thematic level, Atwood‟s novels examine themes related to the politics of gender such as the enforced alienation of women under patriarchy, the patriarchal attempt to annihilate the selfhood of women, the gradual carving out of female space by women through various strategies and women quest for identity, self-definition and autonomy….” (1994:74). Atwood links the subjugation of woman by patriarchal structure with wealthy American culture of Canada, and she marks the attention of Canadian ecology and
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