The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Brazil

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Brazil’s population is made up of a large racial diversity. Records show the population to be around “207.7 million” ( Those of which include: Brancos (white Brazilian), Pardo (combined European, Native, and African Ancestry), Pretos (African-Brazilians), Amarelos (Asian-Brazilian), and Indigena (Indigenous Brazilian), according to an article on, which analyze the ethnic groups Brazil consists of. “Known as the ‘land of the Amazon’ or the ‘land of contrasts’, this spectacular nation is home to generous people, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, distinctive music and dance, and the largest rainforest on earth” (Brazilian Culture and Lifestyle Guide, “..Approximately 210 languages are spoken…show more content…
I would gladly spend a vacation exploring its landscape. Life around the nations can seem exotic for those who’ve spent the majority of their lives going about their day in the same locale. This is exactly why I’d like to visit the country; to open my world to new possibilities and experiences. The attractions in Brazil are endless, but there a few of which I’d be delighted to make memories on. That is to say, Rio de Janero would be one of them, which is where the statue of Jesus Christ is located. Also, Rio Carnival would be an option since it is considered the “largest carnival celebration in the world” (History of Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, Not to mention, I’d also like to visit Pantanal, the “world’s largest wetland” (, including Lencois Maranhenses National Park, which is a spot to wander on sand dunes. Likewise, Bonito would too be on my to-go-to list. Sounds lovely enough, Bonito actually means beautiful in Spanish. A place to not miss out on; containing “stunning waterfalls and caves,” (27 Top Tourists Attractions in Brazil,, and let’s not forget the Curitiba-Paranagua Train Ride that “is considered one of the most scenic train rides in Brazil: It cuts through the Atlantic rainforest, going through 14 tunnels and crossing 30 bridges on its 84 km (52-mile) route between modern Curitiba and historic Paranagua in Parana state” (27 Top Tourists Attractions in Brazil, By all means, such previously mentioned attractions would be a definite must. That is to say, there are far too many appealing sights in Brazil to only consider these

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