Cultural Culture In Pakistan

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Culture Culture is identity of a nation. It depicts that what are the norms, values and general social behaviors, folk tales, symbols, literature, moral, religious values and sayings of a nation? Culture is a learned social behavior that we pass on from generation to generation. Way of life, our gossips, our dresses, our food habits, our language, our heroes and historical places is our culture. No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive. MAHATMA GANDHI.
A Look at Pakistani Language, Religion, Culture, Customs and Etiquette Language in Pakistan
Urdu is the only native language of Pakistan. Although English is generally used instead of Urdu. English
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Pakistani culture is a conservative culture. People resist change. Change is a sign of life.
But due to high rate of illiteracy people are not willing to accept the change.
People who are less educated or totally blank they should must be guided by leaders of their country to
Adopt good changes.
They should make people aware of their rights.
Status and class oriented cultures
Cast system and male domination are the negative aspects of Pakistani society.
There should be no discrimination on the base of cast system. As shea, suni.
It is basically the root of many evils. It creates misunderstanding among the people.
Rich people dominate due to their power of money. Mostly rich people are not hard workers; they love to sit and Oder things.
They are not as much skillful too. But just because of having money they rule on middle class and poor people. Rich people mostly consider themselves superior and others inferiors.
Middle class people are much skillful as compaired to rich ones. They are loyal and honest too.
They do their work with great interest.
Lower class or poor people are treated badly due to their lack of knowledge and having not as much skills to work. They do more laborers but earn less
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Our way of living has been totally changed. We say hello instead of saying salaam, we do not give value of our Islamic culture. We wear European style dresses instead of wearing Shalwar Qameez. Urdu is our national language but we feel awkward to talk in Urdu.
 We prefer Shakespeare novels instead of Allama Iqbal’s poetry. While English is our official language instead of Urdu. English medium schooling we are providing but Islamiat, Persian, Pak-studies and Arabic that should basics of our schooling, is going in dark. Those who talk in English considered educated. Eating food with folk is a manner. Indian vulgar songs are very popular in our society. Influence of Indian cultures
Pakistani culture has a great influenced by the surrounded cultures of India and Middle East. Our youth is taking inspirations from Turkish and Indian dramas. Even in our own dramas and films we are not able to seen our own culture. In result our youth and young children’s are away of our own cultural and social values. By using different media we can save our
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