Cultural Culture In Singapore

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Southeast Asia has a unique history, which covers some of the nation’s politics, economic, social, culture and even religion in shaping the internal and international forces of change. The most successful and rich nation that can be says in Southeast Asian countries is Singapore. Follow the decade of history; Singapore was founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles on Strait of Malacca in 1819. The major sea route between India and China were helped Singapore to become as a British trading post. Singapore was colonies by the Japanese in 1942, where its occupation lasted for only three years and eight months with the return of the British in 1945 (An Introduction to Singapore, 2009-2014). Singapore was also known as a Crown Colony,
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Singapore is the smallest country compared with other Southeast Asian countries. Singapore island with a total land area of 682 square kilometres and surrounded by 63 islets. According to the Department of Statistics Singapore (2014), the total population of Singapore is 5.47 million in the end of June 2014. Singapore seen as a multi-racial country were consist of largest group of Chinese who made up of 76% and followed by the Malay 15%, Indians 7% and others 2%. Although Malay is the national language of Singapore but English is the common language of administration. Other than English and Malay language, Singaporean also used Mandarin and Tamil. But Mandarin language was the native tongue was spoken by the half of the…show more content…
Does other Southeast Asian country which is naturally blessed with land can come out with this kind of development to improve their citizen’s life style in future by reducing the poverty among the population? For example, Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia naturally blessed with natural resources and the nation surrounded by 181,035 square kilometres of area. Since the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia faces some of land problem like banned private property, destroyed land titles, introduced large scale forced evacuations and relocation of its population (Priyanka Singh and Kaustuv K Bandyopadhyay). Furthermore, the land was seized by socially and economically powerful members of the community. Cambodia also faces serious land problem like increasing land prices, land grabbing for new projects. Most of the Cambodia were affected by this problem are the rural area citizen. This led the nation loss their residence and livelihood. Based on this, it can be concluded that Cambodian government misuse the land although their rich in land but the citizens could not get the opportunities to enjoy their rights by owning a permanent residence especially rural area

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