Cultural Culture Of Thailand

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Thailand has a long cultural history, its literature, art, painting has its own unique style. The Thai government attaches great importance to safeguarding the nation 's culture, think Thai culture is reflected in national character, is an important foundation to maintain national unity, have a decisive impact on the stability and prosperity of the country. King Adulyadej said: "Maintaining culture is to safeguard the country." Thai culture can be divided into three areas: language and culture, court culture and traditions. Language and Culture Thai is basically composed by a monosyllabic word, it is the Sukhothai Gan Wang Lan Wang Zhaoguo apricot in the year 1283 from creation and according to Meng Ji Wen Wen contempt. After seven years of history, today 's Thai Forty-four consonants, vowels twenty-eight composition. There are five tones, and divided into secular terms, royalty terms and monks terms of three. Since Thai is a phonetic system, is a tonal language with five different tones, so often so foreigners do not understand this culture confused. For example, different tones representative Suea different meaning: Suea falling tone is mat, mat; tone clothes. Like many other world languages, Thai is a complex mixture of diverse. Thai many words derived from Pali, Sanskrit, Khmer, Malay, English and Chinese. Even writing text books take the form of self between the left to right, horizontal writing, words and words without punctuation, no spaces, continuous spell a

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