Cultural Difference In Non-Verbal Communication

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cultural difference in Non-verbal communication

Cross-cultural communication is so difficult in many place of the world because what is thinking in one culture may be unacceptable in another country or any place.When people are involve deeply in a particular activity or in an environment where facial expressions such as eye contact and body gestures are explain to their own experience, they may suffer from disorientation and frustration.Therefore, it is necessary to learn the body language of different cultures.

Body language or non-verbal communication is an important part of how people communicate and there are differences from culture to culture. arm and hand gestures,eye contact and touch are a few of the aspects of non-verbal communication
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eye contact also tell your confidence for instance during in interview situation, strong eye contact by the interviewee is seen as a sign of self-confidence, and you not eye contact is seen as a lack of confidence.

Middle Eastern Cultures
Eye contact is little common, and less appropriate as compaere to in Western cultures.
There are many gender rules, women should not make too much eye contact with men as it can be lead misconstrued as a romantic interest.

Asian Cultures
Asian cultures is place where great importance on respect.
In countries such as japan,india and china , eye contact is not considered an important to social interaction, instead it is often considered not suitable or proper in the circumstances.. In such an favouring culture, it is believed that subordinates shouldn’t make steady eye contact with their olders.
For example, students during communication are disheartened from making eye contact with their teachers, as it can be interpreted as a sign of disrespect. Similarly a son during communication he will point his eyes downwards when his father is speaking to his, as a sign of politeness and
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for instance:In Thailand, people snap their fingers to call a waiter over to request their bill whereas Americans walk to the counter to receive their bill.
Body language is a communication in which body parts is includes like head, eyes, neck, hands,head, eyes, arm, feetor other parts of the body .These body parts send messages to the
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