Native American Cultural Differences

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The cultural differences and control over resources between Native Americans and Americans led to a long journey of Native Americans relocating west due to their land being illegally confiscated from them. The overgrowing population of Americans was the cause of the unjust and inhumane treatment of Native Americans in order for them rapidly expand their culture. Still, Native Americans continued to protect their common title of their land and preserve their existence until thousands of them were forced to move west because Americans didn’t follow through with their agreements, taking away their nation and their spirits.
“Both congress and the states were eager to make the lands of western tribes available to American citizens, but none had
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“Deeply attached to their homeland and terrified by the difficulties earlier immigrants had encountered, many Cherokees made no preparation to leave (123).” They already had ceded most of their land yet they were still forced out of the last thing they had left, their home. Many have died and weren’t allow access to their traditional medicine because Americans denied their traditional practices, wanting them to be more “civilized”. Being held against their will, the US made their living situations unsurvivable and continued on doing so after they have reconstructed their society in the west. “Having taken the Cherokees’ land and forced them to march across a third of the continent, the United States now further threatened the Cherokees’ sovereignty and existence as a people (143).” As if taking their lives, nations, and spirits wasn’t enough, the government continued the unjust treatment on Indians after relocating. From the beginning to end, the government never kept their promises. They exhausted the Native Americans after the long march and couldn’t even provide them with sufficient amount of food. Lacking food, medicine, etc. resulted in a vast number of deaths among the Indian tribe and the government did not care nor compensate for it.
The hardship the Native American had endured on the Trail of Tears was
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