Cultural Differences Between 1970 And 1970

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“They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” These were the words of Andy Warhol in 1975. THe 1970’s was an important part in U.S history. Including many people, places, events, technology, fashion, and fads. THe 1970’s was a time of liveness ,fashion and music. Many people would express themselves through music and fashion. During the 1970’s Richard Nixon was a big part of our world.He was our 37th president and hurt our world drastically. Richard Nixon was the United States 37th president. He was elected in 1968 and then re-elected in 1972. Besides being president Nixon was known for many illegal activities and the Watergate scandal. This scandal made Nixon not a favored person. NIxon denied all illegal activities, and refused to hand over any video recording and recorded calls. In 1970 many things changed for him and other presidential advisers. “In April 1973, top presidential advisors and government members were forced to resign and later went to prison.” And during Nixon’s second term, in 1973 he stepped down as president. Even though Nixon was our president, because of the Watergate scandal and illegal activities he lost many of his political supporters. Richard Nixon,…show more content…
Louise Brown was born on July 25th 1978 through IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization. This was invented by Robert Edwards in 1977 and it became a medical miracle. “Following Brown’s birth, IVF was hailed as a medical miracle.” Says Manganaro 's website. Now over 1 million children have been born using IVF. Currently Louise Brown works in a bistrol nursery, which is a nursery for plants and trees. “ Louis is said to dislike the description of herself as”test tube baby” yet she remains proud of her personal role in the advancement of medical science.(Luise Brown). Louis Brown will be known as the first test tube baby, and In Vitro Fertilization will be known as a medical
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