Cultural Differences Between Canadians And Pakistanis

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1. There are numerous cultural differences between Canadians and Pakistanis. I migrated form Pakistan to Canada and the biggest difference that I have notices myself was the amount independence that Canadians have compare to the Pakistanis. To begin with, the idea of independence in the true form exist in Canadian culture as independence in Pakistan comes with several regulations and restrictions and not many people will consider that a true independence. In Pakistani culture no one can be truly independent as the family bond with the family leads anything related to the self. It is as that every family member has their own set of responsibilities towards the family that they must fulfill. The simple and basic idea of moving out of the parent’s house is consider disrespectful and very profane in Pakistani culture however in Canadian culture it is much common and sanctioned of moving out of the parent’s house after a certain age.
2. The lifestyle of regular Pakistani people is different from the Canadians. I myself found it surprising when I first noticed that Canadians kids actually move out of their parent’s home and pay all their expenses themselves at first the ideas of leaving your own home and living alone was shocking for myself as I have seen in our culture that the entire families stays together, and parents directs their children’s decisions weather if its their educations or marriage decisions. In Pakistan the whole family stays together, and parents takes full

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