Cultural Differences Between Culture And Culture

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Culture, as defined by Donald Klopf, is “that part of the environment made by humans.” (1991). Furthermore, Culture involves beliefs, attitudes, values, and traditions that are shared by a group of people. In other words, culture is that distinct system of living created uniquely through coexistence; respected and obeyed by citizen in uplifting a common value. Interestingly, cultures defers in application; so what is accepted in one culture maybe a taboo in another depending on the mind-set or orientation of the inhabitant of that society. However, it is apparent that Cultures reflects inequality, diversity, and the divergent range of values, symbols, and meanings across communities. Obviously, there are things synonymous with a community that will be abstract and absurd to another community. McLean contrasts it wonderfully when he said “Can you tie a knot? Perhaps you can tie your shoes, but can you tie a knot to secure a line to a boat, to secure a heavy load on a cart or truck, or to bundle a bale of hay? You may not be able to, but if you were raised in a culture that place a high value on knot-tying for specific purposes, you would learn that which your community values.” It is unequivocally explicit that our view points are shaped by the community and culture we were raised. That being emphasized, I would like to explicitly compare and contrast three of the following divergent cultural characteristics and describe how it relates to me and probably to my peers.

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