Cultural Differences Between Literary And Genre Fiction By Arthur C. Clarke

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The contrast between these two sub-sets of fiction is controversial among critics and scholars. Neal Stephenson has suggested that while any definition will be simplistic, there is a general cultural difference between literary and genre fiction today. On the one hand literary authors are nowadays are frequently supported by patronage, with employment at a university or similar institutions, and with the continuation of such positions determined not by book sales but, by critical acclaim by other established literary authors and critics. On the other hand, he suggests, genre fiction writers tend to support themselves by book sales. However, in an interview John Updike lamented that "the category of 'literary fiction ' has sprung up recently to torment people like me who just set out to write books, and if anybody wanted to read them, terrific, the more the merrier. The author is a genre writer of a sort. The writer write literary fiction, which is like spy fiction or chick lit". Likewise, on The Charlie Rose show, he argued that this term, when applied to his work, greatly limited him and his expectations of what might come of his writing, and so he does not really like it. He suggested that all his works are literary, simply because "they are written in words". CONTEMPORARY WRITERS ARTHUR C. CLARKE Arthur C.Clarke was born in 16th December 1917 at Mineohead, Somerset, England. He was died in 19th March 2008 aged 90, at Colombo, Sri Lanka. His pen

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