Cultural Differences Between Mexico And Usa

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Have you ever thought about why people leave the home country and set home in another country? Today, plenty of people immigrate to another country where they can find a better life. Throughout history, Mexico and the USA have had an ambivalent love-hate relationship such as the Mexican–American War (1846–1848), the Texas Revolution (1835–1836) (1). Albeit these two countries had some controversies in past now they connect each other with a unique and complex relationship and they have integral economic ties. For example, Mexico is one of the largest trading partners of the USA. Moreover, they have a demographic combination of migrants and locals that is connected by over twelve million citizens. Every year thousands of people take a journey from Mexico to the USA to find a better life. The last big wave of immigration from Mexico took place towards the end of the 18th century. During this period, about 100.000 people per year were leaving to set up home in the USA. People emigrate from Mexico to the USA due to some similarities between these countries: culture, religion, location. However, they also differ from each other in several ways. The first and significant similarity is that both countries have transplanted cultures and share a common history of migration. Transplanted culture means those who are forced to move from one place to another. In both countries European migrants exceed in number over indigenous cultures. Spanish and English cultures and
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