Cultural Differences Between Philadelphia In The 80's And Today

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If you look at Philadelphia now and compare it to 30 years ago, you will see that there is a drastic difference in many things. Yes obviously the mayors would be different, the city would have a different crisis most likely, instead of the budget crisis that we are in. There would be different trends going on with fashion and celebrities. But the biggest difference, is how neighborhoods look, who inhabit them, and somewhat of a social barrier in races. Let’s say this time was in the 80’s, the neighborhoods surrounding center city like Fairmount were known as some of the most dangerous parts of Philadelphia, which is highly unlike today. The Northeast was an area where only white people lived, and blacks were scared to go to. Which is unlike now, the Olney was an all-most all white neighborhood and anyone outside of that weren’t fully accepted. Which is the opposite of now, where you can find almost every race on this planet, besides white people until recently. There were streets you could not go down unless you…show more content…
One thing that stuck out to her, and she still remembers word for word, and it is stated in this quote… “... me and her sister really good and close friends. And I remember one day her sister, who was her youngest sister, said “ Well I don’t like to play with you, and my mommy said I don’t need to play with you because we don 't play with black people.”,. And it really crushed my heart. It really for the first time, made me feel like I was different from them.”. I wonder if I this little girl still remembers what she did to my mother, and if she realized just how much it impacted her heart. I also found it interesting how, the younger sisters, older sister continued to play with my mom even after this event happened. It showed me that even younger kids had a different opinion than their own parents, and didn’t follow their word if they didn’t agree to it. And, because of that created a lifetime relationship with my
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