Argumentative Essay: Rap Vs. Pop

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Rap vs. Pop

In a culture engulfed in music, it can only be expected for heated debates to arise involving the types of music we listen to, and which we deem as the “best”. For the purpose of the wide range of topics associated with music, I have narrowed my evaluation to two music types which I believe deserve special evaluation for reasons that will be obvious later in my discussion. I stand with the question of which genre of music is better to listen to between rap and pop, and with reasons I am sure you will come to appreciate I have come to the conclusion rap is the better choice of music compared to pop because of its popularity, history, and meaningful stanzas. When deciding on what topics I wanted to consider, I knew relevancy …show more content…

The term griot refers to a member of a group of traveling poets, musicians, and storytellers which can be tied with the origination of rap. The roots of rap were made possible by griots. They would tell stories as music played in the background, a concept later manifesting itself into what we know today as rap. Pop however, did not have a very significant beginning, instead pop is simply derived from “popular music”. However, I must admit there are a few treasures in the pop business; such as, The Beatles, Madonna, and Elvis Presley, but as for current pop it just doesn’t compare to music being released by those in the rap industry. I believe in music as a way to express what can’t just be said, and as a way to bring people together for a cause or to have a good time, and I’m sorry, but lyrics such as: “I just dropped some new merch and it’s selling like a god church” -Jake Paul, and “Turn it up, keep it on repeat/ stumbling around like a wasted Zombie” -Katy Perry, just don’t have any meaning, or make people want to continue to listen. Considering I was once a huge fan of Katy, I am dispirited to speak of this truth, but pop lyrics simply do not compare to those of rap. “You know it’s funny when it rains it pours/ They got money for wars, but can’t feed the poor”- Tupac. I take gratitude in the moments when I can hear authentic …show more content…

Rap tends to be the most powerful tool in expressing deep thoughts and feelings. The use of vulgar and strong language allows the artist to be as real as a poet. Despite the fact, that some critics may label rap as “loud music” and negatively influential, the hidden messages below the surface are undoubtedly paramount. The term Ebonics refers to a language used by African Americans, and in a case done by the Oakland Unified School District, they presented the case of Ebonics being acknowledged in the school system (PBS.org). Ebonics can also be referred to as African American Vernacular English (AAVE). My reason for bringing this up is because some people find the language used in rap to be improper, rude, or as mentioned vulgar, but in reality this is just a case of ignorance. The language used in rap is none of these derogatory terms, but it is actually a cultural appropriation. I feel as if everyone was to become aware of this, rap would fly off the charts; considering, there is already an abundance of reasons to love rap. Powerful words bring about change, and this happens to be one of the many components included in rap. I challenge my readers, to listen to rap with a new perspective, and maybe you too will find bliss in rap music preferred over

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