Cultural Differences Between Thando And Mandisa

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Play : Nothing but the truth by John Kani Topic: The contrast between Thando and Mandisa. Date: 31-03-2017 Words: 689 The play is set in the post-apartheid era. Whereby the Truth and reconciliation commission hearings are important. In the play there are many differences displayed between Thando and Mandisa. This is seen by their cultural backgrounds. The cultural differences are seen by how Thando and Mandisa were raised. Mandisa was born and raised in England by her late father Themba Makhaya who is the brother of her uncle Sipho Makhaya. Mandisa is a modern young women she studied fashion design. Who has an outspoken and free-spirited character which goes well with her fashion designing career. Thando was born and raised in Port –Elizabeth by her father Sipho Makhaya. Thando grew up in a cultural home and environment. As presented in the play her cultural roots are present throughout the play. Thando is a teacher and the interpreter at the amnesty hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Mandisa did not morn her fathers death too long. She is already planning her trip to Johannesburg to meet with designers. Mandisa does not understand isiXhosa thando translates for her. Thando’s cultural roots are seen when Mandisa invites her to the trip to Johannesburg and London. Thando gets excited about the trip but then says “I am not sure if my father would agree” showing that she has deep respect for her father. Having respect for Elders

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