Cultural Differences Between The Mayans And Americans

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The mayans and Americans have many similarities and differences. First, the mayans have many cultural differences. Second, us Americans have cultural differences that they would call weird just like how some of us think their beliefs are weird. Finally, we have many similarities with the mayans. To sum it up, we have many similarities and differences with the mayans. First, the mayans have many cultural differences. To start, the mayans built a lot of their buildings to symbolize power. For example, the mayans built a giant 2 story temple in Tikal (one of the strongest mayan cities there was) that looked over the whole city to show mayans should go there because they were strong. Also, the mayans did human sacrifice for their gods. The mayans believed that if they stopped sacrificing, the sun would no longer come up so they couldn't grow crops anymore. Lastly, the mayans had no birden animals to help them. In summary, the mayans have many more differences from our modern day beliefs.…show more content…
To begin, we have multiple religions as opposed to the mayans having just one. We have catholic, protestant, and more religions in America. Next, money shows power here in America. The mayans also believed that the king's and queen’s blood was the best sacrifice of all to their gods. Third, we have three branches of government instead of just one or two people running everything. The mayans only had a king and a queen running everything with the exception of the priests doing all astronomy (The prediction of weather using the placement of the planets.) In conclusion, we have many more cultural differences with the
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