Immanuel Kant's Theory Of Duty

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Human rights are the rights that a person has for the sake of being human (Donnelly, 2003), these rights are human rights because they only apply to humans. Every human being, regardless of race, religion and gender has a claim these rights. The term right can be interpreted in different ways according to different aspects such as the central moral and the political senses. In the sense of rectitude, the term right refers to as the right thing to do, the entitlement aspect suggests that a right is having a right to do something. Human rights are established by human needs, such as the right to basic health care, it is something that all humans need, and it is up the government to provide basic health care to all human being. Human rights ground…show more content…
Immanuel Kant who was a moral philosopher came up with the theory of duty for the sake of duty where he states that one should do good for the sake of doing good, not because there is something to gain from it but for the will of doing good, this is not the same with human rights because human rights are there to govern people from doing what is wrong and unjust, they involve the emotional state of the person and they also have exceptions whereas Kant’s moral theory leaves no room for…show more content…
This essential means that you should not use people to benefit your needs without thinking of their interests and benefit to the actions, he said this is because people have the ability to set their own goals and they are autonomous being which means that they exist for themselves and not other people. However, people are being used all the time, for example, a teacher is used by learners to get the information they need to know, but the teacher is not used as mere means because he is aware and willing to help the learners, which means that he was not deceived or manipulated to give information to the learners, this according to Kant means that the autonomy of the teacher was regarded and he had something to gain too because by teaching the learners he got a salary which means that he was not used as a mere ends In a school environment it is important to note that learners as well as teacher have rights that need to be respected at all
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