Cultural Differences In Advertising

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Cultural differences in advertising: India and Japan Does culture matter? Cultural biases make an advertisement work or not. To be precise, culture matters for an advertisement to appeal to the mass in a society. According to Donnel Briley and Jennifer Aaker, in their paper, state that culture based differences show up when information is being processed in a sudden and spontaneous manner. This means the first judgement you make when you look at a billboard is based on your particular culture. In a pilot study in a university in California, Anglo and Asian American students were asked to view at few advertisements where some were ‘promotional’ in their appeal and some were ‘preventive. While some of them were asked to respond to it immediately, few others were asked to think more carefully. When the students gave their immediate responses, the Asian American students favoured the ‘preventive’ messages while the Anglo American students had the opposite reaction. These reactions tallied with the researcher’s theories that Americans, who value achievement, accomplishment, and independent thinking, would focus on the positive consequences of their purchasing decisions. On the other hand, Chinese subjects, who tend to value protection and security, and have more interdependent ways of viewing the world, were expected to concentrate on the negative consequences of their actions or decisions. This was based on the spontaneous response. These cultural disparities lessened when
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