Cultural Differences In America

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There are many cultures all around the world and they all have different beliefs and customs. For this essay I will be focusing on two of the many cultures around the world. The first of the two cultures that I will be talking about and comparing is American. The other culture I will be focusing on is that of somebody from Mexican or Spanish descent. One of the first thing I noticed in my book, Leaving Glorytown, is that in Mexico there are many more small village type places than in America. The book often uses the word village or community, words not often used to describe towns in America. Most of the villages in this book are fishing villages often built for fishing and trade. Once again there are not really any towns or cities in America built just for fishing and trade. This is just one of the many differences between the Spanish culture and my own. Another difference is…show more content…
In America there most likely wouldn’t be soldiers in any of our cities with guns. Since I have been alive America hasn’t really been in a huge was like Mexico was at the time Leaving Glorytown was based on. “In the following weeks i started seeing soldiers at every corner of our village.”(P.12) Some more things that are different about Mexican and American culture is family and money. In Mexico family is over everything, even money. Most of the time in America people are looking for a high paying job no matter what it takes. People in America will go without seeing their families for a few weeks or even months just to get money. That would definitely not fly in Mexico as they believe that family is before absolutely everything. In my personal culture, just like the Mexican culture, it is family and God over everything, even
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