Lewis Model Of Chinese Culture Essay

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Lewis Model analyzed behavior and beliefs of people for learning cultural differences from different areas, thereby providing the reference basis for communicating better with people of different culture. In this article, Lewis divided countries in culture relation to three categories, which named linear-active, multi-active and reactive. Then Lewis structured a chart and offered details about the differences in some behavior of people from different culture by comparing. Therefore, people can foresee and make an assumption with a high veracity how others will contact with them. Lewis's model is correct in describing cultural differences within a certain period. The cultural differences in Lewis model can be seen in the definition and using…show more content…
Social etiquette plays an important role in Chinese cultural system, but it is complicated and sophisticated. The Chinese people focus on face-to-face conversation, while the art of talking is a learning. The Chinese have always been polite and respectful, paying attention to the way and the occasion of communication. Respecting elders has always been the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and it always happens to the dialogue between the young generation and their elders. The youngsters need to pay special attention to the tone of speech, putting a low profile, listening carefully, and showing the respect for their elders. Listening is a kind of respect for people, which is dramatically important to the development of interpersonal relationships, especially in government system. Subordinates should obey the instructions from their superiors, responding accordingly rather than have irresponsible remarks. In China, leaders talk most of time while followers only have the choice to listen. The relationships mentioned above show the Chinese value of zun bei you xu, which means ordering relationships by status and observing this order (Fang,
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