The Importance Of Chit-Chat In Communication

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Basically, culture is diverse and different from one to another. Whether it is in tradition, manner, and communication. Talking about communication, we know that we cannot be separated from communication, wherever we are. Nevertheless, in communicating with others, not all of people can do it effectively. Particularly if the ones that are involved in communication have different culture. Consequently, mistakes cannot be avoided.

Communicating with other people can be started from simple thing, like starting chit-chat which is not chummy, until it leads to the chummier topic of conversation as the rise of relationship. Human connections, we all know, generally start with chit-chat. In starting chit-chat, of course every culture, every country has different way, including Western and Indonesia. There are some differences between them in what they say for starting chit-chat, and what they do not say.

Commonly, in starting conversation, first, westerners usually ask for permission before they start the conversation, especially when they want to join in people’s conversation. As Julia Edelstein (2017) wrote in her website, “Years ago I was talking to someone at a party when this guy just turned up and said, ‘Hi, can I buy a ticket to this conversation?’ He was so ingenuous and direct that he made me smile. And I found the engaging,
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Indonesian people assume that westerners do not like having chit-chat, and that is different from Indonesian people whom they think they are too much having chit-chat. In fact, that is erroneous perception. According to which mentioned about western norms, that in first meeting, westerners may seem reserved and cold, but that is just in impression. In reality, they are very friendly and helpful to foreigners. It is different from Indonesia people who seem friendly at the first
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