Cultural Differences In Mental Health Promotion

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Cultural Difference in Mental Health Prevention and Promotion Mental health promotion and mental health prevention are separate avenues of approach to mental well-being but are not mutually exclusive. Mental health promotion asks the question “what can be done to keep people healthy or increase health” while prevention asks the question “what can be done to avoid illness?” (Kalra et al., 2012). Over the last two decades, mental health has been included along with physical health by the World Health Organization, in efforts to achieve global health. But just like physical health, mental health disparities exist among ethnic minorities in the United States. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has reported progress on health…show more content…
The primary aim of CRASH is to build cultural competence and the first step in the process is the acknowledgement of culture as an important factor in mental health care. The acknowledgement of culture, both in the patient and the clinician, develops respect between the clinician and patient. An assessment of cultural history is required to understand the patient’s cultural differences so the clinician can be sensitive and self-aware. The last aspect of CRASH is humility. Holden et al. note that patients often see providers at the most vulnerable points in their life. Shows of support and comfort as well as acknowledgment of the patient’s culture builds rapport, develops trust, and strengthens the therapeutic…show more content…
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