Cultural Differences In 'Mericans' By Sandra Cisneros

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In the short story, “Mericans”, written by Sandra Cisneros, there are many underlying conflicts that surface throughout the story. The conflicts, in short, evolve around two very distinguished cultures. Furthermore, the clashing views regarding the two cultures cause a great amount of problems for many individuals in a society. The cultural differences can tremendously affect a society, as the clashing views can lead to a wide array of issues such as ethnocentrism, gender discrimination, stereotypes, as well as the health of many personal relationships. Cisneros begins to develop this conflict when the story’s narrator, Michele, describes the altar to La Divina Providencia in which the “awful grandmother” worships. It is apparent that the grandmother practices older traditions when compared to the other members of her family,…show more content…
This is due to the behaviors and beliefs that the children had learned while living in America, which she describes as a “barbaric country with its barbarian ways” (Cisneros 90). In result, the grandmother views it as her duty to pray for her family and the awful culture in which they were born, so, “like La Virgen de Guadalupe, the awful grandmother intercedes on their behalf” (Cisneros 89). The grandmother’s view on America is very evident as she considers it to be a very cruel and unsophisticated place. Overall, the choice of vocabulary in which the grandmother uses to describe America reveals a sense of superiority, or ethnocentrism, in regards to the Mexican culture in which she practices. Furthermore, the children are quick to learn of the many rules in which the “awful grandmother” sternly enforces. The narrator, Michele, specifically states, “We must not wander over to the balloon and punch-ball vendors. We cannot spend our allowance on

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