Cultural Differences In Mexican Families

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I come from a Mexican family who is low context and very conservative. They value having relationships within their own race. When I came to the United States, I learned to appreciate other cultures and ethnicities better. I have never seen race the way my family looks at it. If they marry someone, it would have to be within the culture. They have misconceptions on how other cultures view or value things differently which makes them not want a close relationship with other culture. In my opinion, this perception they have of “race” is unfair. However, many Mexican cultures have similar views.
I had a lot of conflicts with my family because of the way they see race. They have stereotypes of ethnicities which sometimes is impossible to communicate with them. I don’t want to have kids, and I have always talked about adopting if I ever decided I wanted children. I told my dad about how he would feel if I adopted an African American baby. He said he wouldn’t accept the child in the family, not only because he wasn’t “Mexican,” but because he wasn’t his own blood. In cultures, children have to be legitimate children from the marriage, otherwise, they are considered “bastards.” I honestly wanted my dad to give me his
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If the Dad disapproves of the boyfriend, you are not allowed to see him again. Usually, marriages are within the same culture. They value keeping their “race.” As a woman, you are supposed to be out of the house only if you get married or finish your career, even if you are thirty-five. Living with a man before marriage is an insult to their values, as it is considered “impure.” Even traveling with a former male partner or friend can be considered inappropriate to the culture. If you get married the bride’s father is supposed to pay for the wedding. Our family is the most valuable treasure for our

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