Cultural Differences In Texas

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My home town where I lived half of my life in was in a little country town called Sanger, Texas. Although my older years of growing up I spent them in the city of The Woodlands, Texas. Even though these two places are both in Texas and in the South, there are still many differences in the cultures. Having a hispanic family and a white family you can see the differences in both of them even though they both live in the same area. In a hispanic family, they are very loving and always wanting to kiss you on the cheek when saying hello and goodbye. There is also a lot of traditions that are kept from past generations, like going to midnight mass on Christmas night, because everyone is catholic. The woman is predominately the one who does all of the cooking and cleaning while the men work. On the other hand my mom’s side of the family are white and country type of people. They are very hard workers and absolutely love anyone and everyone that comes around. Having strong cultural backgrounds leads to having traditions that are passed down from as far as we can remember. Both sides are a little different in some aspects but they are mainly your original southern families.
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