Cultural Differences In The City

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Traveling and touring to different countries every once in a while is a luxury not many people can have. Seeing various people from contrasting backgrounds and environments can change a person’s perspective of his or her own city. I had the chance of traveling from my home city, Sharjah, to a city that is so called diverse from my own, which is Colombo, Sri Lanka. Both Sharjah and Colombo share the same amount of diversity in the ethnicity of its people, but the distinction between the two cities is innumerable. The culture, tourism, the weather and transportation are one of the few points that make the two cities so distinct. The thing that defines a country’s history and present life is its culture. Sharjah’s culture is influenced by its main religion, Islam. From the traditional costume worn in the city; the ‘kandoora’ for men and the ‘abaya’ for women, to the festivals that are held every year; embracing Islam and the Arab nation, the Middle Eastern finger print has always been located on Sharjah. On the other hand, Colombo’s culture has been influenced by numerous factors over the years. Firstly by the British colony invading Sri Lanka and bringing the country to a new era by boasting its economy and exporting coffee, but the plantation of coffee didn’t survive after the great depression in the 19th century. After that, the British decided to start producing tea instead of coffee in Sri Lanka, which is still one of the country’s top exports in the 21st century.
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