Cultural Differences In The International Culture Profile

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1. Introduction
With the increasing trend in international business, the world is becoming global village. People from different countries with different cultural backgrounds have been brought to work together. From the positive point of view, the extension of international business helps to accelerate global growth. Conversely, cross-cultural difference is a common issue faced by organizations when doing business internationally. Culture is the inherited values, concepts, and ways of living which are shared by people of the same social group. (Kawar, 2012, p.105) Meanwhile, people share the same culture background from the same social group. On the other hand, people may share different culture from the same social group because they have stayed in different countries or social group.

Cultural differences as a major issue that management likely to face when new operation is set up. (Lin et al., 2007, p.28) The purpose of this assignment is to study the effect of cultural values on management between my own culture profile (China – GuangZhou) and United States of America (USA) culture profile with the identification of a model of culture, the impact of the main differences in the eight cultural values between two culture profiles, main differences in cultural values regarding management tasks, and how to adapt in the USA business environment.

2. Model of Culture with the analysis of differences and the similarities parameters between two cultural profiles
Figure 1 A

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