Cultural Differences In The United States

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The United States’ population is comprised of multiple cultures originating from all over the world. When the US was first settled, everyone was an immigrant aside from Native American Indians who are the only indigenous people of this land. The past few hundred years brought thousands of settlers to this country from all over the world looking for a better life; ergo, the United States became known as the “melting pot”. The original settlers were predominantly White European/ White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, enabling the White ethnicity to become the dominant group. Over the years many more immigrants came seeking a better life from many different countries from all over the world. All people are human beings and are relevant; regardless of the intersectionalities of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status.

As time progresses the United States becomes a more diverse
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Showing respect with a non-judgmental attitude is required for successful interactions with people of diverse cultures. Understanding their ways which may be different from our own can explain a lot about how they react and deal with the problems they are having. Understanding the different cultural roles and dynamics within diverse families can better mediate familial problems. Understanding other cultures’ feelings about counseling and the stigma it may carry is another important aspect of cultural competence. These are some reasons for having cultural competence. There should never be social exclusion of any individuals based on any intersectionality. Social workers are responsible for having the knowledge of a client 's cultural background to provide the best possible assistance without
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