Cultural Differences: Islam And Multiculturalism In Kuwait

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Islam and multiculturalism in Kuwait Different cultures are really welcomed by Islam. Only about 40% of the country’s population is Kuwaitis. 35% of the population is those from surrounding Middle Eastern nations such as Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Yemen and Palestine. In addition, about 9% of the population is Indians, 4% are Persian and the rest (7%) are from other foreign nationalities. This shows that there is a large percentage3 of people in Kuwait who aren’t Kuwaiti citizens. Kuwaiti multicultural and global procedures strengthen integration and a culture encounter that is in a good condition, instead of segregation and isolation. Obviously, these procedures target to make a platform that supplies all citizens. This essay argues that Islam welcomes other cultures and in fact, many Muslims do too; starting from my house, my neighborhood and ending to the whole, entire country. Islam is absolutely generous with other cultures. In Kuwait, the labor forces involve 1.3 million people. We have got people who only speak Arabic, only speak English, or both. Kuwaitis’ first language is Arabic and the majority of people in Kuwait speak English, which also show how Islam is with multiculturalism since Kuwait is an Islamic country. The multicultural criticism of some individuals claims that cultural neutrality in non-private organizations is not possible. Considering democracy is situated on the government by the most, the few face disadvantages in the wide spread

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