Cultural Differences Of Chinese Immigrants In The United States

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Chinese immigrants experience much more hardship compared with what they contribute to the society. It seems that every immigrant needs to suffer a lot of bias and hardship in America because of cultural difference. Culture shock leads to many misunderstandings and causes conflicts. That is easy to understand. However, Chinese immigrants are treated unfairly because more complex reasons. These reasons include historical problems, Chinese-American cultural differences and competitive level (include education level and English level also the specialize skills). For Chinese immigrants, they contribute a lot of America society both in the technology and economy according to the public affairs television; however, many Chinese-Americans think they are “living in the jail” with no civil rights.(Public Affairs Television, Between Two Worlds) signal phrase The conflicts is caused by the competitive. In one way, Chinese are trained to get good grade in the exam. According to the data of ACT organization and other education organization, the average ACT score of America (ACT Organization, 2015 ACT National and State Scores) is much lower than the average score of Chinese (Taisha, Chinese have higher ACT score in recent year) as table 1 below. As we all know, when universities and colleges enroll students, they always ask for your ACT or SAT score. A higher score gives students a powerful evidence of their

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