Personal Essay: The Value Of Diversity

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When I still a kid,I have heard Ola Joseph said that "Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another 's uniqueness." I do not understand at first since it looked complicated for a kid to understand.But as I grew up for sixteen years ,I have been through the same situation by myself. From what I myself really understand,a race is a group of people who have their own set of beliefs,culture,religion and other peculiar characteristics.Invariably the members of a race are very proud of their race and would defend what they believe in or their way of life if they are threaten in any way.So when two or more races stay together in the same place ,conflicts are bound to happen.At best they just let each other live…show more content…
For example, during the festive season especially, all the people of this country will undoubtedly practice of visiting, forgiveness and mingle with each other. If we work together, we will be realized sooner than we had expected. Prime Minister has put a lot of efforts to introduce the concept of 1Malaysia and absolutely worth it in order to create unity among Malaysians. There are a lot of importances in fostering racial unity either to society or the country. Therefore,the society should practice tolerance and understand each other in order to fulfil our dreams for the sake of our beloved country. This is evidence that the key to the harmony of a nation and society lies in the willingness of us to respect each other. The first step is often considered to be the most difficult step. But if we can overcame the first step, then there is no reason why the next steps cannot be continued.The conclusion, the country 's image can be improved if the people work together to succeed the government 's plans who have worked tirelessly to provide effective government planning which led the country 's image worldwide
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