Cultural Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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The Causes - Globalization term is getting more actual. Spreading the term is associated with American sociologist R. Robertson. He gave a description of the concept of globalization in 1985 and in another book he explained basis of this idea in 1992. Globalization has many causes and these cases have led to the creation of globalization. But main causes are political, economic, technological, expenses ,competition and etc. National cultures, economies and borders disappear, political polarization eliminates, liberal trend getting strength in all fields, technology is developing rapidly and a large part of social life is being determined by global processes. Technological developments, advances in information network, cultural
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It also has disadvantages. Economic, political and socio-cultural integration between countries is growing and reduces the efficiency of nation-state power. On the other hand, globalization makes it difficult and reduces the effectiveness of national policies and makes hard countries to take radical decisions. In the globalization process, transnational companies are becoming more efficient in both economic and political decision making. For example, Companies such as General Motors, Shell, Microsoft, which operate in the international arena have become larger and more powerful than most of the…show more content…
Multinational companies are moving activities towards developing countries for getting rid of the extra burden of external costs.Because developed countries has more rigid regulations rather than developing countries. So those companies 'polluter pays ' principle and is therefore exposed to so they provide an additional cost advantage. In contrast, firms operating in developed countries are high due to weak competitiveness of environmental standards. Such a situation developed countries are being forced their environmental standards and impose to apply global environmental standards. On the other hand, trans-national-companies operate activities in developing countries especially wood processing and paper industry, engine parts, chemicals , petroleum products. These sectors are sensitive environment. For example, After operations of Multinational companies in Central America ,tropical climate affected and climate getting worse. The destruction of forests, both on climate change leads to adverse environmental changes. Thinning of the ozone layer was formed as a result of damage to the environment. On the other hand, the multinational companies with globalization and free trade are seen that gradually grow. Multinational companies investments in developing and least developed countries have the positive impact on economic development. It is important that people find work and decreases

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