Mexican Immigration Struggles

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“Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” - Cesar Chavez. Mr. Chavez explains that even though immigrants have to leave much behind, they can become part of their new country and still keep some of their own culture. Many immigrants have to deal with the issues of other cultures disrespecting and calling them names and sometimes even getting harassed by others. Mexican immigrants are a big percentage of the United States’ population. About 57% of Mexico’s population leaves to the US to have a much better life. Immigrants are not bad people, they just want a better life, a life like we have. 13.5% of the United States’ total population are immigrants. Immigrants migrate from many places …show more content…

One challenge I think is very big for Mexican immigrants or any immigrant in general is learning a new language. Having to learn the language can take a very long time to be able to do this can affect their lives in many ways, for example; not knowing English or any other language, but their own can affect many things such as their education, getting a job, or even trying to fix family relationships. Many immigrant parents force their children to learn the new language of the country they migrated to which may give them a life a bit easier. Education is another challenge Mexican immigrants face while living in the US. When they first start out they have very low levels and even low Socioeconomic status (SES). Mexican immigrants tend to give up a little bit more than any other immigrant, 17% of the dropout rate are Latinos. Mental health issues are also a challenge, Depression is a big one for Mexican immigrants they tend to stress out and worry about the smallest things in life. Sometimes depression can lead them to chemical use, which can lead in many directions. Domestic violence in Mexican immigrants is very common it could be to alcohol abuse or the person is just violent as is. Suicide is another. Mexicans tend to take many things serious if told anything, so this means if a Mexican child is being bullied either physically or online they will do anything for …show more content…

Foods is one thing they brought such as, Chocolate, Caesar Salad, and a very big shocker, Hot Cheetos! Many don’t expect certain foods to be from Mexico because of the way it looks maybe, or the way they taste. Clothing is another thing Mexicans brought to the United States. Many are familiar with a sarape that comes straight from Mexico, a serape is like a long blanket that’s often made of bright colors and tied at the ends. The serape is mostly worn by men. A poncho is also very big in the American fashion, a poncho is kind of a mixture of a scarf and a jacket. A poncho can be worn by both men and women. A VERY popular one is a sombrero. A sombrero is a fancy hat worn by mostly men, but mostly for parties, or special occasions. An original sombrero is like a straw hat. Mexicans brought many of their traditions to the US. El Cinco de Mayo is a very popular one, El Cinco de Mayo is celebrating the victory of the Mexican army winning against the French empire battle, women dress up in beautiful bright colored dresses while the men dress up in suits with a sombrero and dance a traditional dance. Dia de Los Muertos is another tradition, the whole thing is not performed in the United States. Dia de Los Muertos is when people, Mexicans, go to the cemetery and put food or any type of thing that that person liked next to their grave until the food or thing goes raw, to them this means that person has received

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