Cultural Diversity In America

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Finally, the citizens of America must allow millions of undocumented immigrants to continue living in the United States because they help shape the face of this grand nation. By its very nature of the principles in which it was founded, America, more than any other country on the face of the planet, has opened its borders for those in search of opportunities and promises of the “American Dream.” Every day, America welcomes millions of newcomers around the world, and many take advantage of this privilege because the United States has provided many immigrants with a variety of life options that they may not have had in other nations, such as educational resources. For example,” Saudi Arabia, the most profoundly gender-segregated nation on Earth,” has played…show more content…
Whether one wants to be a doctor or a lawyer, the United States is certainly the best place to achieve one’s dreams. America is struggling, but the American Dream is not dead yet. For the hard work and the willpower of the people to fight for what is right has kept the dream alive. In addition, illegal immigrants that come over from different nations have created a great stew of cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is very important because we learn from one another, we come up with new ways of thinking, and it helps us recognize ways of being that are not necessarily our own. This diversity has built bridges to trust, respect, and understanding of many cultures around the world. Furthermore, this diversity makes our nation more of an interesting place to live, as many immigrants from many diverse cultures contribute to the new knowledge and different experiences that make this grand nation unique. It will be such a shame for the United States to close its doors to the immigrants who risk their lives to try to find an opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families in this majestic nation of
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