Cultural Diversity In Australia Essay

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Social and cultural structures like religion, language, race, ethnicity, economics and education standing are the key impacts on people’s well-being and health. Australia is a country of diverse population, comprising different cultures from different nationalities that came to call the country home. This represents the country a broad range of racial diversity. The term racial means the social and cultural fundamental institutions or dimensions in the location that effect the improvement of personal beliefs, morals and behavior conducts.
Australia’s cultural variety has amplified due to immigration. Australia is the land of huge quantities of immigrant populaces in the world, approximately 30% of the total population (5 million people) were born overseas. Almost half of them, one in every eight Australians, were born in countries where the first language was not English. More than two hundred linguistic and cultural groups are signified in current Australian population, (Anthony, 2009). Australia is fairly a young country as compared to its European Commonwealth counties though its Indigenous populates have been living in Australia for at least 40,000 years. Increase in migration in last 100 years has contributed in making Australian population very diverse. A national policy of multiculturalism since the 70’s has resulted in obvious diversity,
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These issues include dealing with different communication styles, traditional health practices, approach to and expectations of the health system, social customs and traditions as well as identity issues such as religion, gender, and age. What are the causes of these issues? How should the government respond to these issues? How will these issues impact the health delivery particularly nursing care in Australia and what action should be done by government and other

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