Cultural Diversity In Canada

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3.Multiculturalism is an ethnic diversity, where in a community contains multiple cultures. As of today, Canada recognizes the potential of all Canadians, the belief of all citizens are equal, keeping their identities and showing acceptances. Showing acceptances in Canadians is from taking pride in their ancestry, feeling secure, self-confidence and accepting diverse cultures. In the T.V shows, I watch was all crime shows, showing that the people are there to loved each other in different ethnic culture. Canadian multiculturalism has been good in T.V shows where the characters show a discourages of hatred, discrimination and violence, but shown a little bit violence in crime shows.

4.No, because the success in Canada show’s fewer privileges to some people who don't get enough rights, This doesn’t level my success in my experience because sometimes people are given hatred or discrimination towards a person that had done nothing towards them and still they don’t have the confidence to stand up. In my opinion, the government should do something to give citizens the right that they need.
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Multiculturalism is citizens having equal rights and responsibilities, as I can see some ethnic cultures has still obligations that are not equal towards their culture. For examples, women, LGBT’s and other faiths are not giving respect. It takes time and effort to be multiculturalism in Canada because of the various cultures, faith and race. In some way, Canada should work on multiculturalism were everyone should deserve more rights and acceptance for who they
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