Cultural Diversity In Education Essay

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Cultural Diversity and the American Educational System
In many of today’s schools there has been a push to teach one form or another, about cultural diversity or cultural awareness. This new trend is in many schools across the country, from California to New York. I will speak specifically about how schools are ill equipped to implement cultural diversity as a part of their curriculum and how it raises more problems then it solves. Schools are ill equipped to implement their cultural diversity goals for two reasons: the budget for the school is decreasing year by year, and many schools across the country find it hard enough to teach students about academics, let alone cultural awareness and emotional health. Everybody faces trade-offs. Just one of many problems that attempting to instill cultural acceptance in schools has is the way certain cultures, creeds, and, most sensitively, religious faiths, are interpreted by their students. Who is to bear the fault if a child is taught that a certain culture or group is less than, or inferior to their own culture or group? In attempts to instill cultural acceptance in schools, administrations and institutions fail to promote and, in fact, exasperate the cultural challenges this nation faces.
Since the Great Recession of 2007 and 2008 school budget cuts are often seen as a sacrifice that we can easily stomach. As many teachers and faculty can attest to, budget cutting limits the ability to effectively teach academics, and the more
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