Cultural Diversity In Health Care

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Being part of this cultural competency competition has strengthened some of my own thoughts and beliefs about how healthcare should be provided.
It was really amazing what I learned in these past few months on this course. Having a diverse group made it very easy for us to work together. The course content wasn’t challenging, the scheduled meeting time was more precise and flexible, which made it easier to work around. Prior to participating in this competition, I had some learning objectives which were met. I am from the western part of Africa, Nigeria to be precise. In my country, there are three major language (Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba) which are sub-divided into smaller groups, tribes and ethnicity. How my people view healthcare is completely different from some experiences we have had with some elderly family members accessing healthcare here in the United States.
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However, in the State, not being able to look at your patient in the face when you talk to them is considered being rude or having an attitude. In addition, most people rely on herbs and traditional medicine. These differences could affect the patient interpretations resulting to mistrust and poor optimal care. Individuals values and beliefs towards healthcare are formed by various features. In the health care system, some patients encounter bias and discrimination by their health care providers. So, education, race, language, and socioeconomic status could influence their attitudes. As healthcare providers, we are expected to understand and incorporate these features when delivering care at the healthcare system. Thereby providing the best quality of care that is respectful to the needs of all
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