Black Panther Movie Diversity Essay

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From the new TV show Agent Carter and the newest superhero movie Black Panther to the soon to be released movie Love, Simon, Hollywood has made great advancements in their diversity; bringing in all different races and beliefs into their movies letting every culture have their share of representation. Both in front and behind the camera Hollywood had struggled with the constant remarks journalist have made about the lack of diversity in films. Many people were angry for not having equal opportunities on TV. However, they have made great efforts to put forward equal amounts of movies with female and African-American leads as white male leads. But they did not stop with race and gender, they have also begun making movies starring gays and lesbians.…show more content…
Producers of the newest superhero movie, Black Panther, “check off a number of identity boxes with its almost exclusively black cast and a cohort of strong female characters” but still were chided because of the lack of gay and lesbian characters (Richardson). Many people anticipated the film and had high hopes of it being the first marvel film to “feature an openly gay character” (Richardson). Despite the record that Marvel Studios has set with making the most diverse superhero movie, there are still critics that say it’s not diverse enough. The arguments that Hollywood, even with the lengths they have been taken to share all different cultures, still lacks the representation of women and people of color still exists. However even with people arguing for even more diversity the film industry is unmistakably making incredible progress and is continuing to create more diversity, undoubtedly heading in the right direction. It is indisputable the struggle that producers and directors have gone through trying to make movies that leave everyone happy in the end. There is almost always someone who is not happy with something. Even with everything that Hollywood has done to represent all races, cultures, beliefs, and genders some people think more efforts need to be made to have an even amount of representation for everyone. Hollywood has made noticeable changes to make things equal for everyone and should be awarded instead of condemned for their efforts in creating more diversity both in front and behind the
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