Cultural Diversity In Indonesia

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Indonesia is a country with abundant natural wealth , human population is high , and also has a diverse culture . The diversity of cultures in Indonesia can be seen from the number of tribe, race , and ethnicity . Those cultures have a fundamental difference that we can see in terms of their ordinances in doing something .
In addition , one of the cultural diversity in Indonesia is a custom clothing , the clothing typical of that
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How to greet in interacting done differently according to each tribal area.
For example, parts of Nias teach , when you meet people shall say Yaahowu meaning hai . While the ordinance teaches Java as meet other people with bent backs and said nyuwun sewu meaningful permission. It shows the diversity of interactions that exist in Indonesia .

HOW TO DRESS some people are still using clothes as polite as kebaya in Indonesia. For example, in the palace of Jogjakarta , daughter until today still wear baju kebaya , they should not wear clothes that will open . Although his unwieldy but that form of modesty in dress .

we as citizens of Indonesian well , should still preserve the culture of dressing decently . Not having to wear kebaya , but at least we can menutu our genitalia
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Hanbok in the top shirt top ( jeogori ) , trousers for men ( wedge ) and skirt ( Chima ) .
Korean people dress according to their social status so that the clothes are important . People with high status and royal family enjoying fancy clothes and jewels that generally can not be purchased under the layers of people living in poverty

Japanese culture
The famous art in Japan is kabuki , noh , kyogen , bunraku , and rakugo . Kabuki play for men . the audience can see the striking costumes and poses special called " noodles " . Special kabuki theater called Kabukiza is the top Japanese architectural beauty .

Japanese traditional clothes
Japan has called Kimono clothing , many people know that the kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing . Kimono formerly used for everyday activities , but at the moment, Komono only used on special occasions . Kimono is only in use by a man or a woman , kimono men are generally more modest both in design , motif and color which is usually dominated by dark color such as dark green , dark brown , dark blue or black , while the kimono for women known to be some kind of showing its age wearer , marital status , and level of formality of the event attended . Besides, kimono women also have a variety of additional accessories that quite a

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