Cultural Diversity In Management

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Currently, the world is becoming more and more globalization. There are numbers of people to come from different countries to working and living together. They have different background, religion, values, behaviors and beliefs that create diversity culture environment. Culture diversity to nurtures a variety of skills; improve the human values and worldviews. “Culture diversity is a mainspring for sustainable development for individuals, communities and countries (1).” Moreover, it is a fundamental feature of human society, but also an import driving force of human civilization. As more and more companies’ focus on the globalization development, that impact of cultural diversity also increased remarkably; especially Hospitality
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Because of these, the companies want to improve their managing skills to manage cultural diversity. From the Dr. Richard and Alpert Ph. (2014) developing the cultural competence results are to understanding, communication, and effectively interact with people across cultures. Why manage cultural diversity is important, even there has some problem in organization, they also wants to be care about it? There will be more people to come from the different culture countries; they will be work together in workplace. As workplace globalization markets, the workplace diversity is more like to provide the communication platform. The employees’ gain to tangible an intangible benefits from workplace benefits including the mutual respect, conflict resolution, business reputation, job promotion and increased exposure…show more content…
The advantage of diversity in the workplace are: increased productivity, increased creativity and problem solving, attract and retain talent that add a competitive edge to any organization, help to improve the communication skills that bring the new idea in hospitality, applying managing cultural diversity would be draw rein and the last things is to created a satisfied diverse customer base by relation to people from different countries (10). From Frédéric Rozé: “diversity fosters creativity. We need to generate the best ideas from our people in all levels of the company and incorporate them into our business practies. (11)” There are 48% to strongly agree a diverse and inclusive workplace is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that drive innovation (11). About the manage of cultural diversity is to help respectful of their clients’ cultures, provides valuable information to observe the markets and help to define products that work for their regions or demographics (11). As survey the official programs in place specifically to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse or inclusive workforce that there are most 65% have in place programs specifically to recruit diverse employees (11). Cultural diversity is accompanied by organized labor diversity generated; it is trend to
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