Cultural Diversity In Mulberry Schools

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Cultural diversity is not something that is seen in Mulberry. Therefor there are not any customs or traditions to promote social equality among our community. However, in 2005 Mulberry Schools consolidated with Pleasant View Schools. This caused several students to change districts, because Mulberry and Pleasant View were such rivals. Over the years, our community has come together for the most part to support our one district Mulberry/Pleasant View Bi-County Schools. Several customs and traditions have been kept from each school. For instance, at Pleasant View, where I attended K-12, we always had a fall festival, which gave each class and organization to make money. Mulberry always had a student/teacher volleyball game to just get the kids motivated for the current school year. These are both traditions that still happen to keep the community involved in our school. Our community has always played a major part in the athletic depart of our school. Every year they hold a pie auction, where pies can go for up to $700. A community tradition that is not associated with the school is the County Fair. It is always more of a social gathering than anything else. People will always asking “if you have been to get a greasy fair burger”. Even though this tradition is not associated with the school, we always take preK-4 on a field trip to the…show more content…
This allowed her fantastic bonds within the community and she was very well respected; however, our new superintendent has done a fantastic job in filling her shoes. He realizes how important both schools history is to the community members and incorporates it whenever he can. He is also very big on hiring community members, which makes the bond between our school and community even stronger. The kids in our school get so excited when they or their parents know their teacher outside of

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