Cultural Diversity In Police Essay

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Culture diversity in police is important , in my opinion, as Australia is cultural diverse country. cultural diversity in police would provide people from many different backgrounds with the equal work opportunity to be part Victoria police. It also offers a chance for police members to communicate with wider communities. However, more important than cultural diversity in Victoria police is to have high standard of education and training to tackle diverse problems.

Culture diversity in Victoria police provides people with equal work opportunity to be a member of Victoria police, and to not left out just because a person has different cultural background. As many years ago female were allowed to join Victoria police, it eliminated the discriminate against women in workforce. Similarly, employing people from different cultural background would mean abolishing racial discrimination. Racism is a criminal offences and police, as an organisation, aiming to reduce racism in society would need to finish racism first in the police workforce. Thus, culture diversity one of the ways to tackle this problem or crime.

Culture diversity in Victoria police would give police the tools to communicate with wider community effectively. As people would be more comfortable to discuss their issues with member of police from similar background. An example of
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Having cultural diversity in police is very useful but it will not be beneficial if the education and training is not up to standards to tackle the problems. Having police officers from different cultural background is good thing but they will not be useful if they do not have the proper education and training to solve certain problems. Through proper education and training, police officers will not only solve certain problems and they would efficiently attract with people from various cultural

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